Motorcycle Camping Gear Test: Redverz Gear Tent

At Motorcycle meetings and during our Tours, we get often asked: Is there a Tent on the marked, spacious enough and designed to contain the motorbike inside?
We have found, tested and now we recommend this one by Redverz Gear.


Redverz Gear put the comfort back into camping with the Tenere Expedition Tent, and the new Series II Expedition Tent adds to the appeal of the original design which shelters riders, motorbikes and gear in comfort, out of the elements and under one roof.
In this video our tour guide Andrea shows you the details of the tent.

With two inches more headroom, nearly double the original square vestibule footage and convenient J-door entries, the Expedition Tent, Series II, offers you more. Expedition-grade ripstop nylon ground cloth and floors offer superior protection, while the double wall design of the sleeping bay helps eliminate condensation. Double J-door entries to the sleeping bay simplify entry and exit and with two colors options, green and yellow, the Series II offers you more while packing to the same size and weight as the original Tenere tent.
The spacious garage bay, designed for sheltering motorbikes, has evolved far beyond the original vision. The bay serves as a sheltered utility area for cooking and sitting area for down-time, as well as a storage area, workshop or dressing room with enough height to stand up and change gear. Tested and recommended by us @fabulousTours.
If you are interested in getting one and for more information about it, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll tell you all about it!



About Fabulous Outdoors

Sharing the passion for the outdoors! Fabo (Fabrizio Malisan) is an Outdoor Photographer, loves the share passion for the outdoors. Former ski racer, international ski racing coach with over 20 years of experience coaching athletes and teams worldwide. Specialises in skiing, cycling, physical conditioning and sport nutrition, and also other outdoor sports, wildlife and landscape photography, writes and illustrates blogs to share his expertise and passion for the outdoors. Promoter of a healthy, active and happy lifestyle. To get people to be more active, to enjoy the outdoors and outdoor activities. Fabo is also an Italian trained chef as well as athlete and coach, so his knowledge of food comes from all points of view, both tasty and healthy.
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