Easy DIY idea: TomTom Gps Car Sat Nav Mount to fit on your motorcycle too..

This has happened to myself and other friends that have recently started to ride a motorcycle on a regular basis to work, on weekends and joining us on motorcycle tours. As they’ve started to ride, they’ve soon realised that there was a need for a sat nav, but at the same time this question came up:

Can’t we use the TomTom sat nav we already have for the car?

After a search for different mounting kits, we decided to construct a sat nav mount ourselves as a DIY project. Then this idea came to our minds: What if we modify the suction mount provided with the TomTom to be fitted on the car’s windscreen, and we modify it to fit it on the motorbike’s handlebar. All we had to do was drilling two holes in the original mount, then fastened it with two plastic locking straps. We’ve done it and it works perfectly enabling  us to save the cost of a an extra mounting system and most of all, the cost of buying a “TomTom Rider” (however I’d get one at some point). The only thing to consider is that the car’s sat nav isn’t waterproof, so if you have to ride even when it’s raining, you’ll have to protect it with a waterproof case, or insert it inside the tank bag. Other than that, it works fine.  We just bought a cigarette lighter plug and fixed it inside the fairing and that’s it!


About Fabulous Outdoors

Sharing the passion for the outdoors! Fabo (Fabrizio Malisan) is an Outdoor Photographer, loves the share passion for the outdoors. Former ski racer, international ski racing coach with over 20 years of experience coaching athletes and teams worldwide. Specialises in skiing, cycling, physical conditioning and sport nutrition, and also other outdoor sports, wildlife and landscape photography, writes and illustrates blogs to share his expertise and passion for the outdoors. Promoter of a healthy, active and happy lifestyle. To get people to be more active, to enjoy the outdoors and outdoor activities. Fabo is also an Italian trained chef as well as athlete and coach, so his knowledge of food comes from all points of view, both tasty and healthy.
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